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The most simple way to combine Television and Internet
in your Network

.....what you need to know about co@xLAN
co@xLAN is the easiest way to combined TV signals with WiFi and LAN at all your sockets of your coaxial network
co@xLAN installation is very easy: change sockets - connect the master unit to the coax network - connect internet from router to the master -
....and ready Internet/WiFi at all sockets - Very simple to install !
co@xLAN where wireless LAN (WiFi) has limits, you have now quick and clear internetconnection up to 500 MBps and WiFi to each room with up to 300 MBps
co@xLAN allows you to enjoy movies in topquality - Full HD streaming capacity
With co@xLAN you don't need IP, or Network experience. Just plug and play

co@xLAN Your coax cable network is perfect to distribute Internet and Televeision signals

With co@xLAN you can make use of Television and Internet independently from each other

With co@xLAN system you can enter with interent-signal from the Router at each of the co@xLAN products (sockets, master units, multiswitch,....) 

With co@xLAN you can solve fast all different applications to combine Television and Internet
co@xLAN allows direct Internet access to your Settopbox or Television

sockets are remote powered by the connected master unit. No additional power supply is required. 

All co@xLAN products are CE: EN50083-2 / FprEN50083-2 / EN61000-4-2 / EN61000-4-4 /
EN55013+A1 / EN55022 / EN60065 / EN60728-11  
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